The Book That Changed It All!

This was the first book I read about The Banting Diet aka low carb high fat, which started me on my path to seeking optimal health and fitness for a lifetime. I only came across this book because of a short blurb in a men’s fitness/ health magazine about the book stating that eating fat instead of carbs would change one’s health around. I had been struggling with my health for almost 39 years at that point. This one book led me down several paths of questioning everything I thought I knew about health and fitness, and to where I am at today.

Since then I have consumed over 100 books,  listened to countless hours of podcasts, hundreds of articles, and who knows how many hours of you tube videos bucking the status quo on health and fitness, all while testing these theories on myself for an n=1 experiment. I’ll let my results speak for themselves.

You too can achieve amazing results, you just have to be willing to shift your approach to what you think you know about health and fitness, and stop doing what you’ve been told by conventional wisdom. Especially if you haven’t achieved your health and fitness goals. Stop banging your head against the wall and Get Shifted!

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