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COVID-19: Science or science fiction? | Dr. Phil Maffetone

The Way Through COVID-19 Is Building Your Immunity Through A Healthy Diet While tobacco use and excess alcohol intake impair immunity and overall health, food plays the most important, primary role, even more than physical activity. Consuming sugar and other junk food may be the No. 1 factor in the propagation of… Continue Reading “COVID-19: Science or science fiction? | Dr. Phil Maffetone”

Chase Salt | TRS Members

All About the Liver, and How to Support Your Favorite Detoxification Organ | Mark’s Daily Apple

What’s your body fat percentage? | Dr. Phil Maffetone

Watch “Paul Saladino: Is Nose-to-Tail Carnivore the Optimal Human Diet?” on YouTube

Here is a great video with Mark Sisson and Dr Paul Saladino discussing the carnivore diet. It should get you thinking. It’s a little over an hour long, but well worth it.

5 Ways Poor Diet May Increase Coronavirus Severity

This Is HRV: A Deep Dive Into The Most Important Metric For Health, Fitness, And Performance | TRS Members

Here is a great article about HRV from The Ready State.

The 9 Beef Liver Benefits You Desperately Need

Is Liver Good For You? Beef Liver Nutrition (+8 Nutrients You Need)

The Book That Changed It All!

This was the first book I read about The Banting Diet aka low carb high fat, which started me on my path to seeking optimal health and fitness for a lifetime. I only came across this book because of a short blurb in a… Continue Reading “The Book That Changed It All!”